Elvis Lives by Major Bill Smith

In, I guess, 1981, Major Bill Smith unleashed definitive proof that Elvis Aaron Presley was, in fact, very much alive. The entire 1977 death was a hoax. Elvis had faked his own death and moved to a private island to escape the world for a while. Since leaving the island, Elvis himself conveys via the "Monolog by the King" track, that he has lost a bit of weight, grown a beard, finally visited Europe, and, yes, is a dating a bit.

This tape was (possibly) a compendium to a book written by Smith of the same name. The copy I was able to access was a recorded blank tape with a photocopied cover, but it is quite possible that the tape was never available in much of a higher quality.

The tape begins with an introduced by Smith himself in which he conveys that although many believe him to be crazy, this is definitive proof of Elvis' living status.

Following the introduction, the man purported to be Elvis himself explains the entire hoax. The recording is hissy and, at times, very difficult to understand, but I think it may just speak for itself.

Then come the two tracks that are, essentially, the evidence. First is Elvis' recording of "Loving You" in which he emotionally halts the recording to announce that President Reagan has been shot. The final track from side one is Elvis' rendition of "I Love a Rainy Night," a song Eddie Rabbitt didn't even write until 1980.

Side Two includes two more messages directly from the Major. First he introduces a radio broadcast featuring Elvis from Magic 102 Radio in Houston. Elvis explains the story of his hoaxed death even further and answers a fan phone call. The Major then introduced the final track. The final track is an Australian radio special explaining the entire story of Major Bill Smith and the faking of Elvis Presley's death.

Please to enjoy.

1. Intro by the Major
2. Monolog by the King (1981)
3. Loving You (Recorded 1981)
4. I Love a Rainy Night (Written 1980 - Recorded 1981)
5. Intro by the Major
6. Interview - Elvis ? & the Major on Magic 102 Radio, Houston
7. Intro by the Major
8. Interview with Major & Dave Perkins on Network Radio Australia

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